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Factory collage
Huntley & Palmers started life in 1822 as a small bakery in London Street, Reading. In 1846 the firm opened a large factory on Kings Road in Reading and by 1900 this business was the largest biscuit manufacturer in the world, employing over 5,000 people.
Enter the website to find out why Reading was known as the "Biscuit Town" and how the Reading based company had links across the globe.
Through the website you will be able to explore the following themes:
Gain an insight into the lives of both the employees and the Huntley and Palmer families themselves through photographs, video and sound Biscuit Week, 1933
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From a small shop in London Street, Reading, discover how the factory grew to become a small town in itself   The Biscuit Factory, about 1889
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Are you one of the many people who have an old Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin in their attic or in the garage? London Bus, 1976
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By 1903 Huntley & Palmers produced over 400 different biscuit varieties Advertising Leaflet, 1900
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Huntley & Palmers biscuits were exported all over the world and their tins have turned up in the most unexpected places Chinese booklet, 1900s
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Reading Town
Huntley & Palmers was of such importance to the town of Reading that it became known as "Biscuit Town" and the football team as "Biscuit Men" Reading Shortbread, 1952
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Try and become a virtual biscuit millionaire or discover what working in a biscuit factory was like for the hundreds of workers in the great production chain   Biscuit with a pound sign on
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