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  Themes Homepage > 1945 Onwards > Memories of working at Huntley & Palmers, 1997
Memories of working at Huntley & Palmers, 1997
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Brief Description: Audio clip of Mr Fred Yates, former Huntley & Palmers senior planner and organiser of Reading Show
Subject Date: 15 July 1997
Creator: Javier Pes
Full Description: Fred Yates' parents both worked for Huntley & Palmers. He joined the company in 1920 at the age of sixteen, beginning in the Invoice Office. He worked closely on planning wartime production and rose to become an Assistant Director in 1957. He retired in 1969. In this clip he comments on how much he enjoyed working at Huntley & Palmers.
Collection: Reading Museum Service
Place: Huntley & Palmers Factory, Reading, Berkshire
Subject: social history, trade <food mfr>, agriculture <cultivation>, domestic <garden>, Reading Horticultural Show
Name Subject: Mr Fred Yates
Content Type: oral history
Location: Reading Museum Service
Local Ref: REDMG : 1997.127.19.2
Unique ID: rm-rm-1997_127_19_2-o-00-000.rm
IPR: Reading Borough Council (Reading Museum Service)
  Themes Homepage > 1945 Onwards > Memories of working at Huntley & Palmers, 1997
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