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  Themes Homepage > The First Tins > Memories of Huntley, Boorne & Stevens, 1996
Memories of Huntley, Boorne & Stevens, 1996
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Brief Description: Audio clip of Mr Ken Robins who worked for Huntley, Boorne & Stevens as a tin designer
Subject Date: 4 July 1996
Creator: Mr K Robins
Publisher: Reading Museum Service
Full Description: Ken Robins was born in 1936 and joined Huntley, Boorne & Stevens as an apprentice designer after studying at Maidenhead College of Art. He worked at a time when all the original tin designs were drawn by hand. After his apprenticeship he left to become an artist for the Daily Express newspaper and then entered the advertising industry. In this clip Mr Robins recalls the difference between the front entrance of Huntley, Boorne & Stevens and the factory entrance at the back.
Collection: Reading Museum Service
Place: Huntley, Boorne & Stevens Factory, Reading, Berkshire
Subject: social history, trade <box mfr>
Name Subject: Mr Ken Robins
Content Type: oral history
Location: Reading Museum Service
Local Ref: REDMG : 1997.127.6.1
Unique ID: rm-rm-1997_127_6_1-o-00-000.rm
IPR: Reading Borough Council (Reading Museum Service)
  Themes Homepage > The First Tins > Memories of Huntley, Boorne & Stevens, 1996
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