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  Themes Homepage > Expansion > Visitors with locomotive, 1930s
Visitors with locomotive, 1930s
Visitors with locomotive, 1930s
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Brief Description: Factory guides with a party of visitors. One visitor in the cab of the fireless steam locomotive is holding the FA cup - perhaps this is the winning team
Subject Date: 1930s
Full Description: In 1932 the company purchased a pair of William Bagnall fireless steam locomotives for shunting vans at the factory. The big advantage of these locomotives was their ability to operate within the various despatch warehouses without either fire risk or fumes. However how do you create steam without fire? You have to generate the steam elsewhere and pump it to the engines under pressure. The new locomotives were charged at various points around the site with high pressure steam. This took about 15 minutes, and gave them an operating time of about 2 hours. One of the locomotives has survived as a static exhibit at the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway.
Collection: Reading Museum Service
Place: Biscuit Factory, Reading, Berkshire
Dimensions: Height: 16.3cm, Width: 21.3cm
Subject: social history, trade <food mfr>, transport <rail>, events, recreation <football>, building, object, building, people, FA cup, Bagnall fireless steam locomotives
Content Type: photograph
Location: Reading Museum Service
Local Ref: REDMG : 1997.130.196
Unique ID: rm-rm-1997_130_196~1_850-i-00-000.tif
IPR: Reading Borough Council (Reading Museum Service)
  Themes Homepage > Expansion > Visitors with locomotive, 1930s
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