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  Themes Homepage > Famous Biscuits > Lady MacMillan in South Africa, 1960
Lady MacMillan in South Africa, 1960
Lady MacMillan in South Africa, 1960
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Brief Description: A South African carries a tin of Huntley & Palmers Gem biscuits during a walkabout by Lady Dorothy MacMillan
Subject Date: 1960
Full Description: Lady Dorothy was accompanying her husband Harold MacMillian, the British Prime Minster, during an official visit to South Africa in 1960. It was during this trip in Cape Town that Macmillian made his famous "wind of change speech" which heralded Britain's willingness to allow independence for its colonies. By 1900 Huntley & Palmers had sales representatives across the World including South Africa. In his 1899 novel 'Heart of Darkness', Joseph Conrad used Huntley & Palmers as a symbol of imperial power and destruction, 'It was a great comfort to turn... to my influential friend, the battered, twisted, ruined, tin-pot steamboat. I clambered on board. She ran under my feet like an empty Huntley and Palmer biscuit tin...' (Penguin Classic, 1955 page 52). Conrad is using the tin to criticise the superficial civilisation of the west and its failed attempts to tame and 'civilise' Africa, the tin is decorative but useless in its present environment; hollow, 'battered' and 'ruined'.
Collection: Reading Museum Service
Place: South Africa
Dimensions: Height: 16.6cm, Width: 21.5cm
Subject: social history, trade <food mfr>, people, biscuit tin
Name Subject: Dorothy MacMillan, Lady
Content Type: photograph
Location: Reading Museum Service
Local Ref: REDMG : 1997.130.327
Unique ID: rm-rm-1997_130_327~1_237-i-00-000.tif
IPR: Reading Borough Council (Reading Museum Service)
  Themes Homepage > Famous Biscuits > Lady MacMillan in South Africa, 1960
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