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Handbag, 1904
Breakfast Biscuits, 1894
Factory Visitors Book, 1892
Factory Visitors Book, 1892
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Brief Description: Visitors book (No.13) to the Reading Biscuit Factory, signed by Oscar Wilde, on 22 September 1892
Subject Date: 1891 - 1892
Creator: Huntley & Palmers
Full Description: On the left-hand page of this factory visitors' book is the signature of Oscar Wilde, the poet and playwright. The Wildes were family friends of Walter and Jean Palmer. The novelist George Meredith was a guest at their house in Southcote Road on the same occasion. These two literary figures did not get on well together, as both liked the sound of their own voice. Meredith's signature can be seen above that of Wilde - they visited the factory on different days! Only three years later Oscar Wilde returned to Reading as a prisoner at the gaol. This being situated only yards from the factory was called the 'biscuit factory' by inmates. Occasionally a kind warder smuggled Wilde, whose stomach was permanently upset by the prison food, a few Ginger Nut biscuits.
Collection: Reading Museum Service
Place: Biscuit Factory, Reading, Berkshire
Dimensions: Height: 31.0cm, Width: 59.0cm (open)
Subject: social history, trade <food mfr>, communication <writing>, Henry Irving, George Meredith, Johnston Forbes Robertson, Louise Jopling
Name Subject: Oscar Wilde
Content Type: book
Location: Reading Museum Service
Local Ref: REDMG : 1997.120.267
Unique ID: rm-rm-1997_120_267~1_539-i-00-000.tif
IPR: Reading Borough Council (Reading Museum Service)
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